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Mon - Sat: 11am - 9:00pm
​​Sunday: 11am - 7:00pm

Tel: (801) 906-8630

        (801) 906-8626


Welcome to Little Saigon.

We are a Sugarhouse premeire Vietnamese take out food.  Life, in general is very demanding and busy. Sometimes we don't even have time for good quality food to nourish ourselves.  Most of the time we end up eating fast foods with little or no nutritional value to satisfy our hunger pangs and depriving our body of  the critical nutrtion it needs to maintain an optimal performance.


Our business goal is to provide an excellent healthy overall dining experience. We infuse a traditional Vietnamese food and Mexican style to create something different. Our company provides fresh cooked meals  that are nutritional  and very satisfying. It's just what we need to keep us going with your busy lives.

** We use no MSG in our cooking (with the exception of cold cut meats, or beef meatballs)**


We have chosen Sugarhouse to open our business for its unique diversed culture, people and environment. We beleive It is our way to contributing to  the beautiful Sugarhouse community.   


Come visit our business and have an enjoyable food experience with us today!  We would love to see you in our establishment as we grow in this community.


You can walk-in or call in your order.

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